3D Replacing Old Dental X Ray?

It is just a question for now. While the traditional dental x ray grandville procedure is still being carried out, 3D imaging is slowly but surely becoming par for the course in some of the dental surgeries in your city or town. Today, 3D imaging, along with full and proper treatment planning, is part and parcel of the more advanced tooth or dental implant procedure. This is a procedure that could take up to two years to complete in its entirety.

The use of 3D imaging, as well as the thorough treatment planning have allowed dental implant procedures to be carried out a lot quicker. 3D imaging is a highly precise process. And treatment planning includes implant surgical planning that is software-based. Apart from the speed at which implant procedures can now be carried out, it is also highly predictable. The dentist does require these state of the art tools to analyze the patient’s jaw anatomy and identify the best sites for implant placements.

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This all needs to be determined before actual surgery takes place. Apart from the speed at which these procedures are carried out, recovery times are also shortened. And it is argued that costs could be saved as well. Ultimately, the 3D imaging technologies are not replacing the traditional dental X Ray. Dentists still prefer to utilise the X ray for their basic examinations. The X Ray image, usually in black and white, gives them a clear enough impression.

But interestingly, much like the 3D impression, dental X Rays are now also available in color. Advanced dental technologies have not excluded the dental X Ray, not by a long shot. On matters arising, patients have little to fear over radiation exposure because this is extremely minimal.